The Theodore




We were initially attracted to the Greek letter Theta. In the past it has been a symbol for death/rebirth. This idea brought us to the ouroboros circle, the tail-devouring snake which often represents self-reflection, introspection and the cycle of renewal.


Minoan civilization is a core inspiration for the final appearance of the circle. We wanted the sense of renewal to feel like an embrace, a remembering of our essential nature as Love. In the centre of the circle is the island of Thodorou which can be seen from the beach where the hotel is located. Theo-dorou means Gift of God.

The island acts as a mirror, reflecting and reminding us that we are all a Gift of God, a Divine Gift of Love. The island also has a historical significance of it being a sanctuary during ancient Minoan civilization. In the end we have an image which at the centre reflects the unwavering sanctuary of the Soul as a Divine Gift of God and the cycle of remembering of our essential nature as Love.

joe paonessa