The Theodore




There is some one inside working at a loom and singing most beautifully; the whole place resounds with it, let us call her and see whether she is woman or goddess.” -Homer’s Odyssey

Tradition plays an important role in your guest experience at The Theodore Boutique Hotel. From the art on our walls, to the carefully-selected antiques in our common spaces and guest suites, we care about the heritage of Crete.

Even your accent pillow in your room at The Theodore Boutique Hotel was selected with great care and attention to detail. Our guest suites proudly feature accent pillows painstakingly handmade in a village outside Rethymnon, the neighboring town just east of Chania, in the same method that Penelope devotedly weaved, while waiting for her beloved Odysseus to return.


We handpicked Loom Handmade to add that special accent to your suite not only for their quality and design, but because of their dedication to preserving an important part of traditional handicrafts. Each accent pillow takes an entire day to create, made on a 100-year-old loom that has been used by generations of Cretan women.

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